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Last Updated on April 03, 2015

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M.Key build will be deployed in the coming weeks of April 2015.

Please refer to the Release Notes posted under M.Key 3.7 Information

Please see the following information below:

If you are currently on M.Key 3.6 (you can see what version you are on by looking at the very top of the M.Key window), you will be automatically upgraded to version 3.7. Please note that this release will be done in weekly phases, and not all shops will receive the update immediately.

If you are currently on M.Key 3.5, please contact M.Key Support to schedule an upgrade to M.Key 3.6.

If you are currently on M.Key 3.0, please contact M.Key Support to schedule an upgrade. Also as a reminder, Support for M.Key 3.0 will end on April 15, 2015. We encourage shops that are still on this version to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

If you experience any troubles updating to the latest build, do not hesitate to contact M.Key Support at 866-653-9767

10 Fundamentals for a Healthy Computing Environment

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Preventative Maintenance Packages from Waypoint

We understand that “Computing a Little Smarter” may be a bit daunting for some of you. Nevertheless, implementing these measures is critical to ensure that your computers run properly thereby allowing you to take care of your customers. For this reason, we have negotiated favorable rates from Waypoint on their preventative computer support packages. Waypoint provides IT services to Driven Brands corporate and we’ve extended their offerings to you.

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Activation Form for Xformity

Xformity Activation Form

Online Appointment Scheduling Integration Launch with M.Key 3.5
March 2013

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Full Slate Meineke User Manual